PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance 2019

Team MacLean

Welcome to our team page.  Please consider making a donation on our behalf to support our fundraising campaign for the PA Tourette Syndrome Alliance.  There are so many reasons why this organization is so important to our family and has played a vital role in our family.  From our first year attending camp (2012) to now, we have watched our son (Dakota) grow.  He went from being that shy boy that didn't want anyone knowing that he had TS to now he jokes about it and tells everyone that yeah, I have TS, because he has become comfortable within himself and is not ashamed of what he has.  Dakota is even a Camp Couselor now when we go to Camp.  He absolutely loves mentoring the younger youth, giving them a positive roll model.  We are so proud of Dakota!  He has not had an easy life with TS, but he has battled, never gave up, still doesn't give up and he graduated HS in June 2018, Graduated Vo-tech with a degree in Diesel Technology.  He is now 19, works FT, is a FT volunteer Firefighter for our Township and lives at the firehall.  

Thank you for supporting  our team in the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.
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