Mission Statement

The mission statement of Central Pennsylvania Coalition United to Fight Cancer, CATALYST is to improve the cancer rate of ethnic and minority persons in central Pennsylvania and statewide. The initial focus was on breast, cervical and prostate cancer. We promote the benefits of early detection by using culturally sensitive approaches.

About Central Pennsylvania Coalition United to Fight Cancer, CATALYST

Greetings and thank you to our past supporters during the fifteen years! We invite you to join us again and we welcome new supporters as we continue to fight the fight

Greetings and thanks to those who have supported us over the past seventeen years and we invite you to support us again as we continue to fight the battle. We have presented educational workshops with the help of our community partners and will reach a milestone of 27 years on February 25, 2023.

We have broadened our educational workshops to enclose information regarding other cancer diagnosis as well as chronic diseases. We have featured over 550 health professionals to provide culturally appropriate cancer as well as chronic diseases program in underserved communities. 

We are inclusive and invite all persons to join in our mission! We facilitate a monthly support group with various diagnoses. Men and women are welcome! We also facilitate a "Cheer Outreach Ministry" for cancer survivors and family members.We send over120 inspirational cards monthly since the year 2000! Get your walking sneakers ready! See You There ! Please see our web site - www.catalystpa.org

Contact Information

Barbara E. Jackson
Phone: 717-221-1014