Mission Statement

The LGBT Center of Central PA fosters inclusive communities and holistic well-being for LGBTQ+ people through social, educational, and cultural engagement.

About LGBT Center of Central PA

The LGBT Center of Central PA creates affirming spaces for LGBTQ+ people to find community, connection, and support - including regular programs for LGBTQ+ youth, older adults, transgender & non-binary folks, and queer & trans people of color.

We also foster more inclusive communities across our region - including support for students and teachers to create more inclusive schools, education for healthcare providers to serve LGBTQ+ patients, and best practices for businesses to create more inclusive workplaces.

In a society that actively seeks to deny our identities, our rights, and our very existence, continuing this work throughout Central PA is absolutely vital. By supporting the Center, you are making a tangible choice to resist the oppressions that we face on a daily basis and to build a safer, more inclusive community.

Contact Information

Amanda Arbour
Phone: 717-920-9534