Mission Statement

The Community Check-Up Center is a community based non-profit organization, working in partnership with the community to improve the health and wellness of low-income women, men, and children through high quality compassionate care.

About Community Check-Up Center of South Harrisburg Inc.

The Community Check-Up Center (CCC) was founded in 1994 by a group of Head Start mothers who were distressed because of the lack of accessible health care in South Harrisburg, Hall Manor. To meet that need, the CCC was established to provide comprehensive health care to women, men, and children. No one seeking medical service is denied regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Children's Check-Up Center provides primary/comprehensive health care to patients from newborn to age 21; a full range of pediatric services includes: immunizations, preventive health screenings, management of chronic illnesses; i.e. asthma, high blood pressure, obesity, and health education. Our Family Planning Center provides services to teens and women, including annual examinations, cancer screening, contraception, pregnancy testing and management of other GYN problems. STD/HIV testing and counseling is provided for women and men.

Contact Information

Catherine Mentzer
Phone: 717-233-1700