The Nativity School of Harrisburg 2020

Mission Statement

The Nativity School of Harrisburg is a private, independent, faith-based, non-denominational preparatory middle school that exists to break the cycle of poverty for low income, inner city boys by providing a comprehensive middle school education free of charge and by continuing to provide educational and support services throughout high school, including full scholarship assistance if needed to attend a private high school.Finally, counseling and support is provided for the college application process.

By raising funds in lieu of charging tuition, Nativity ensures that the student's only "job" is to learn and grow as a young man, so he will be equipped to overcome cultural and economic barriers to achievement.

About The Nativity School of Harrisburg

The Nativity School exists to provide the academic, character and social education boys living within the grip of poverty need to overcome the hurdles presented by their homes, neighborhoods, and schools.We focus on education as a lifelong process including social and character development.In addition to the core classes, our staff and faculty emphasize love of learning; study and organizational skills; respect for self, others and property; decision-making; problem-solving; sportsmanship; and time management.As they graduate we can see the evidence that these boys have the opportunity and the skills to break the cycle of poverty.The boys make tremendous progress toward grade level studies and graduate slightly shy of 9th grade level.We are confident that the students enter high school disciplined and prepared to learn with fewer problems than their peers. 

The Nativity School is fully dependent on raising private funds to cover its operating expenses every year and does not receive support from government grants or public tax dollars as do public and charter schools.Despite the significantly expanded services and time spent with our students, our cost is still well below the Harrisburg City School cost per student

Contact Information

Denise Hirn
Phone: 717-802-1064