Sara's House of Hope 2020

Mission Statement

Be a life changing resource for those battling Substance Use Disorder by providing education about addiction; advocacy for those who need a voice but do not have one; help provide pathways to treatment; scholarships for recovery to those in need; and support for families and loved ones.

About Sara's House of Hope

Sara's House of Hope was birthed from the ashes of unimaginable grief when we lost our daughter to a drug overdose. God moved our hearts to see that Sara's life, and especially her death, would not be in vain. Our daughter suffered from a disease that she struggled to overcome, but in the end, its grip was unrelenting. Despite her struggles, she constantly put others first. Her heart was so much bigger than her tender years revealed. Sara's House of Hope carries forth her gift of reaching out and helping others.

Contact Information

Lori Mishler
Phone: 717-512-6492