Gift of Life Family House 2020

Mission Statement

Gift of Life Family House serves as a "home away from home" for transplant patients and their families by providing temporary, affordable lodging, and supportive services to those who travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for transplant-related care. Gift of Life Family House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

About Gift of Life Family House

Sometimes transplant patients and family members are forced to travel far from home to transplant centers to receive the best medical treatment. To be away from home during a medical emergency can cause staggering emotional and financial stress. Lost wages due to time away from or the inability to work, medical and travel expenses, and emotional distress can become overwhelming for patients and those who care for them. While patients receive care in the hospital, there are few places where family members and caregivers can receive the support they need.

Gift of Life Family House is a 30 room (soon to be 32) hospitality house that offers home-like accommodations and supportive services to any family that lives more than 25 miles away from Philadelphia and is receiving hospital care related to solid organ transplantation at a regional transplant center. These services are meant to help patients and their family members navigate the transplant process with less worry so they can focus on making decisions, taking care of their loved ones, and/or recovering from surgery or other related procedures. These services are also highly subsidized; families are only asked to pay $40 a night despite true costs totaling $185 a night.

Contact Information

Sara Cohen
Phone: 267-546-9812