Mission Statement

CMU believes that relationships hold the key to overcoming barriers, accessing resources and fulfilling CMU's mission: Charting paths and creating opportunity for adults, children and families to live full and inclusive lives in their communities.


CMU is a non-profit organization focused on supporting people to live a life of quality and dignity. We help guide people to any community resource they need. Our motto is Charting Paths,Creating Opportunity. We understand that any individual or family could experience challenges in life that require professional support, such as: The family of an infant or toddler that has concerns about their child's development. A young person requiring professional help with behavioral issues. Many adults experiencing mental health challenges at any point during their lives. Adults or families with children who have intellectual disabilities needing support in their home and community. CMU services are always at NO COST and are an individual's gateway into, and support within, the publicly funded early intervention, mental health, autism, and intellectual and developmental disabilities systems.

Contact Information

Barb Jumper
Phone: 717-503-0604