2019 Mission of Mercy

Mission Statement

To restore dignity, healing through Love, at mobile clinics - providing free healthcare and medications.

About Mission of Mercy

Healthcare, Dental Care, Medications, Love and Compassion, All FREE. Mission of Mercy--Harrisburg, where miracles happen. Founded 26 years ago, Mission of Mercy is dedicated to restoring dignity, healing through Love--and we do that through medicine. We call on the experience of active and retired licensed medical professionals who volunteer their time to provide free medical care, dental care and medications to the uninsured and underinsured; the most vulnerable in Harrisburg.

We are a mobile medical and mobile dental clinic providing these services at the Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church at 2217 Derry Street. The church provides the space for registration, a waiting area, nurse triage and patient advocacy. Our mobile medical unit is our Doctor's office (with 3 exam rooms) and an on-board pharmacy. Our new mobile dental unit, which we launched in December of 2019, is a dental-only mobile clinic with two fully-equipped dental operatories and a patient preparation chair, providing primarily extractions and fillings. On average we serve 50 medical patients and up to 12 dental patients per clinic day. Since we began in Harrisburg, we have served more than 4,200 patients who visited the Harrisburg clinic over 21,600 times. We do not accept federal funds. We rely on the generosity of our communities in order to sustain our services.  In order to provide free care, we solicit and receive contributions from foundations, individuals, corporations, churches and community service groups. Our volunteer-driven clinic model is both effective and cost-efficient; utilizing over 250 volunteers. Thanks to our volunteers, we can leverage every dollar we receive to provide care for the patients who need us. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we are able to provide a medical home for our patients without having to ask them to prove their poverty before receiving care. For our patients, this kind of compassion is impossible to put a price tag on.

Contact Information

Jennifer White
Phone: 301-682-5683