Mission Statement

The Harrisburg Police Athletic League's Mission is first and foremost an alternative crime prevention organization that uses educational, athletic and recreational activities to bring the community, police officers and youth together.

About Harrisburg Police Athletic League

The Harrisburg Police Athletic League (HPAL) is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes educational, athletic and recreational activities to create trust and understanding between police officers and youth. It is based on the conviction that young people - if they are reached early enough - can develop strong positive attitudes towards police officers in their journey through life toward the goal of maturity and good citizenship.HPAL strives to provide efficient, free and cost-effective programs to youth. These programs are designed with an emphasis on urban youth. HPAL programs provide mentoring through character development/positive self-esteem sessions, and sports.These programs instill and reinforce responsible values and attitudes through on-going relationships with program directors, sports coaches, police officers, mentors, and other positive adults.

Contact Information

Derek Heath
Phone: 814-599-8567