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Mission Statement

Christian Churches United is a collaboration of churches andpartners united in love and service to those facing homelessness, poverty and incarceration. As a leading provider of emergency aid and long-term solutions in the capital region, CCU brings together churches, concerned individuals, businesses, public and private funders, and partner agencies to support individuals and families in crisis, and assist them toward greater stability and self-sufficiency.

About Christian Churches United of the Tri-County Area

The 2020 CCU Highmark Walk benefits Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven (SHSH)--a program of Christian Churches United. SHSH is a residential facility offering support and long-term housing to men who were chronically homeless, as well as winter overnight support to those still on the street.LONG-TERM HOUSING: Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven (SHSH) offers long-term housing within a supportive community for up 25 formerly homeless men in Dauphin County.The program is designed to help men who are chronically homeless--those living on the street for a year or more--who are also dealing with mental illness to get off the street. Once in a safe, stable environment, they work on goals related to income, employment, life skills, physical and mental health, and in many cases, addiction.WINTER OVERNIGHT SAFE HAVEN (WOSH): For many years, churches in downtown Harrisburg opened their doors as an overnight sleeping space to persons living on the street. As part of the building and program design of SHSH, a community room was included for the WOSH: where men can sleep in a warm, dry space each winter. From December 1 through March 31, men are accepted on a walk-in first come first serve basis each evening. The program is mostly staffed by volunteers from area churches and civic groups with support from SHSH staff.Since 2009, the programs of SHSH have helped end long-term homelessness for many men in Harrisburg, and provided a life-saving place to get off the street on the coldest winter nights for many other. Your support is changing lives every day through Susquehanna Harbor Safe Haven and the other programs of Christian Churches United.

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Phone: 717-238-5827