Mission Statement

The Mission of CACH is to Educate and Mobilize the Community and Coordinate Services to Prevent and Reduce Homelessness in the Capital Region.

About Capital Area Coalition on Homelessness

Consisting of over 70 organizations, agencies, churches and other non-profits, CACH mobilizes its resources to help our regions families and friends who are homeless, or are dangerously close to becoming homeless.CACH's Members have a proven track record of steadfast and faithful commitment to helping our families and friends when they need it mostand help them get back on their feet, recover from despair and shame, and restore them to self-sufficiency with pride.CACH has purposefully gone that extra mile to reach out to our Veterans, survivors of domestic violence, the disabled, and the elderly among us. Every day, Every week, All-Year-Long, we change lives.

Contact Information

Bryan Davis
Phone: 717-255-6639