2019 Beauty after Bruises

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing survivors of childhood trauma with access to, and funding for, ongoing therapeutic and inpatient care; while creating professional and public awareness for Complex PTSD, OSDD, and DID.

About Beauty After Bruises

WHO DO WE HELP? Our outreach is to the adult survivors of childhood trauma who have Complex PTSD and/or dissociative trauma disorders.C-PTSD is a posttraumatic disorder that stems from severe, repetitive trauma - most often in childhood, but not always.This can range anywhere from in-home child abuse to domestic violence, human trafficking, captivity and any exposure to prolonged trauma where the victim is at the mercy or complete control of another.(

HOW DO WE HELP?We provide the finances necessary to getting these patients the therapy, psychiatry, potential inpatient treatment, and other therapeutic care they deserve. We also help by directing them to resources that may be local to them, as well as to books and other written materials -- all while offering tons of support, care and validation along the way.Our other primary objective is to create greater professional and public awareness for these disorders and the survivors who have them.The public is still largely unaware, but more devastating is the limited number of trained therapists and psychiatrists able to recognize or treat these patients. Furthermore, there are less than 10 U.S. hospitals equipped to take a patient in need. We are in the process of changing that.

Contact Information

Kimberly McKonly
Phone: 717-554-9492