CONTACT Helpline

Mission Statement

CONTACT Helpline's mission is to provide 24 hour listening, and health and human service information and referral hotlines for our service area using highly trained volunteers. CONTACT is the provider of the PA211 health and human services hotline for the southcentral region of Pennsylvania.

About CONTACT Helpline

Since 1970, CONTACT Helpline has served southcentral Pennsylvania with 24 hour hotlines answered by highly trained volunteers. Over 1 million callers have been assisted through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and staff. Callers reach out during their darkest hours seeking a friendly voice to listen without judgement. Concerns shared on the hotline include thoughts of suicide, family difficulties and problems on the job. Resources sought by callers cross over all areas of human services and include help with paying heating bills, counseling for a child impacted by trauma and substance abuse services. CONTACT is a safe place for anyone to call for support and listening.

Contact Information

Kelly Gollick Phone: 717-652-4987