BCMpeace-Brethren Community Ministries

Mission Statement

bcmPEACE serves Allison Hill in becoming a safer, healthier community, empowered by God's peace.

About BCMpeace-Brethren Community Ministries

Walk with us and "Be the Peace" that our community needs. bcmPEACE is located in Harrisburg's Allison Hill community which has the largest concentration of low-income families between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

One of our most effective and innovative programs is Agape-Satyagraha, which uses peer mentoring to train middle and high school students in the nonviolent teachings of Dr. King and Mahatma Gandhi. They learn to apply these teachings to their interpersonal relationships and how to change their communities and world with nonviolent social action. Check out our website bcmpeace.org for our other exciting initiatives such as our Wellness Hub, Computer Lab, Bright Futures, Pathway to Prosperity and Kids Club.

Walk with us and "Be the Peace"!

Contact Information

Ron Tilley Phone: 717-461-2358 walk.bcmpeace@gmail.com