Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation

Mission Statement

PPFF's mission is to inspire stewardship of Pennsylvania's state parks and forests through public engagement in volunteerism, education and recreation.

About Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation

At the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation we strive to improve local communities by engaging residents in healthy living through outdoor recreation. We understand that outdoor recreation improves human physical, mental and emotional health and that parks and forests often serve as economic engines for local communities. Through our large network of volunteers and friends groups, we steward our natural resources so that opportunities for healthy living can be passed from generation to generation.  

Our goal is simple: to ensure a place and an experience for everyone in the outdoors. We do this through education, outreach, investing in improvements in our state parks and forests, removing barriers to participating in the outdoors, volunteer projects, and through organized events. We create memories and family times while encouraging healthy living.

Contact Information

Marci Mowery Phone: 717-236-7644