Mission Statement

Rooted in God's love and care, EUMA provides life-changing opportunities for those who live at the margins of homelessness to become vital members of our community.

About EUMA (Erie United Methodist Alliance)

At your EUMA, we are working to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring in Northwestern PA.

Our roots can be traced back to 1888 when the Erie United Methodist Episcopal Alliance formed as pastoral fellowship and eventual outreach. In 1960, South East Erie Ministries (SEEM) was established to house a pre-school and facilitate outreach to public housing units. SEEM was renamed the Erie United Methodist Alliance and was granted 501 c (3) nonprofit status in 1974.

This year, we are raising funds through the Highmark Walk for a healthy community in order to support EUMA as a whole so the funds can be put towards any of the different ministry needs, and there are plenty! Many of our partners and supporters have a passion for a different part of EUMA’s work so we want to hear about why you are walking with us! Check our Facebook page to learn about opportunities to share your story.

Here is a list of EUMA’s ministries and their origins:

The Refuge was EUMA’s first dedicated shelter program, opening in 1984 as a shelter for abused women with children. Its mission was redefined in 1989 as an emergency homeless shelter for families with children.

The Rainbow Connection Thrift Store opened shortly after in 1985 in a former gas station at 1516 Buffalo Road.

EUMA teamed up with the Veteran’s Administration and HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) to open Liberty House in 2001, the only transitional housing program in Erie County specifically for homeless Veterans.

EUMA partnered with Faith Community Nurses of NW PA to establish Healthcare for the Homeless Partnership (HC4HP) in 2014, a program centered on collaboration with other organizations to provide integrated healthcare and social services to those who are homeless or at-risk.

In 2017 Rapid Re-Housing was establishes to help homeless individuals and families find a home and provide supportive services to keep them there. We also began offering several low-income housing units to those who have experienced homelessness.

In 2018, Our Neighbors’ Place Seasonal Shelter – an existing community effort to ensure everyone has a warm, safe place to sleep during Erie’s winter season – became an EUMA program.

The Journey Home Program works in partnership with Bethesda Lutheran Services and Family Services of NW PA and serves youth (18-24) who are aging out of foster care and are at risk of homelessness without an intervention.

Follow us on Facebook or visit EUMA-Erie.org to learn more about how you can personally get more involved in the mission and vision of EUMA.

Contact Information

Jessica Gray
Phone: 814-456-4513 ext 105