Mission Statement

To facilitate the educational, social, political, and economic progress of the communities we serve. We will work to break down cultural barriers due to language, appearance, or ethnic traditions. We will actively promote and advocate the development, empowerment, and advancement of all people while preserving their cultural identity. We will work to educate the community to value diversity.

About Multicultural Community Resource Center

The Multicultural Community Resource Center, a local, tax exempt, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, that has been providing education and social services to the Hispanic and refugee communities of Erie since 1975. We provide a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs in the limited English proficient, ESL, population in Erie.

Although our main roots are in the Hispanic community, most people do not realize that over half our budget also comes from our work in the refugee and immigrant communities. The Center offers a broad range of educational and social services, including: language classes, (English classes for our clients, and foreign language classes for the English speaking community), citizenship classes, job search, pre-employment, job placement, case management, welfare-to-work programs, health education/disease prevention: D&A, Domestic Violence, Aging, et, immigration, interpretation/translation, after-school tutoring, and full-day and after school day care. We also own a for-profit, temporary employment agency, MOSAICO Employment Services, Inc., that provides job placement services to the minority and larger Erie community.

Contact Information

Phone: 814-455-0212