Bethany Outreach Center 254

2019 Bethany Outreach Center 254

Mission Statement

Bethany Outreach Center is a volunteer driven Christian organization, rooted in Erie's east side, reaching out to ALL people who need a hand up and hope for life change. Our broad based ministries address the material, vocational and spiritual needs of people who live on the edge.

About Bethany Outreach Center 254

Bethany Outreach Center provides hope to those whom are in need, serving individuals that live in an area that is at one of the highest levels of poverty seen locally as well as nationally. We are a hub for hope in our east side neighborhood. Our center in known for being a haven for social service connections, we reach out with open arms and are family to those who are lonely, unloved, and misunderstood. We provide for life's basic needs and empower our low-income families through education, enrichment classes, volunteer opportunities, and career training that lead to jobs and a more fulfilling life. All of the programs and services that we offer are FREE of charge and catered towards the growing needs of the growing audience that we serve. Our focus areas are as follows:

  • Hunger (((Food Pantry)))
  • Clothing (((Clothes Closet)))
  • Health Education (((Families)))
  • Career Training (((Adults and Teens)))
  • Literacy (((Adult and Youth)))
  • Service Learning (((Adults and Youth)))

Contact Information

Mabel Howard Phone: 814-572-0985